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Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by meerkatman1, Aug 21, 2014.

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  1. After spending alot of time on emc, I think we can do better

    Im not saying its getting worse, Im saying that we can help more. :)
    Some peeps think by more moderators. I mean Voting.
    And if everyone who Is Active memeber votes on TopG. EMC Will be a very high rank server.
    This server deserves it, And the hard-working technical coding guys (Yes Aikar, Just_Five_Fun All of you :D). Cmon EMC, We Can Do It! Like this thread if you agree
  2. You'll find that 80-90% of the active forum population actually vote, so we're not really the target with this message. People in-game are a different story though! :)
  3. I just trying to get EMC a better rank as It derserves :cool:
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  4. True
  5. Excellent topic meerkatman.

    I would agree with the previous statement that the majority of the players who actually read and participate on the forums likely already are active voters. I would advocate getting the word out to the players in-game, even if just on your most played server, so those new players can start benefiting form the rewards of voting as well as EMC getting those precious votes needed to move the server up in the ranks on voting sites.

    • Step one.. Open communication with your fellow players. Suggest to them to /register in-game.
    • Step two.. Encourage them to vote by directing them to the Vote page link on the website. Explain to them that special items, diamonds, emeralds, additional plots, etc are all free to get for taking 30 seconds to vote.
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  6. I once asked a guy in game if he would vote. He said "I can't because I don't have wifi"
  7. Dont you need wifi for minecraft? XD
  8. I think I only voted for myself once... a few friends voted for me while I was on vacation... and I voted for some friends so they won't go derelict.

    As for me voting on a regular basis, I've never really needed the money...So I never vote - I have told about 10 different people to come play on this server in person, though... so I guess it evens out.
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