A Maze. Zing!

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  1. Hi. My name is Markalo. I have built a maze. #8047 on SMP4. 1 person has been kicked for raging during its attempted completion. It is not completely finished. People still like to glitch their way around, and I almost have the rest of what I need in order to prevent this from happening in most cases. If you should complete it, please contact me privately with a screenshot and tell me what you thought / how you managed to pull it off / how much hair you lost in the process, and we'll see about prizes!

    I have attached two pictures. One of the entrance (little to no bearing whatsoever!) and one of the 'hedge' maze (slightly more relevant!).

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  2. Looks great, might come give it a go when completed. Are you offering a prize for players for completing it?
  3. completing it no doing it legitly yes. someone could complete it non-legitly :p
  4. Glad you posted the pictures! I saw this earlier today and it was pretty impressive :)
  5. Whats the point when you cheat in a maze? there is no sense of completion then.
  6. yes that is why you would have to do it legitly do get a reward and JustinGuy didn't you "go" to sleep like hours ago? lol
  7. Justin doesn't sleep. In the South, we refer to this as the Chuck Norris effect.

    Cheating is bad. Kids will be kids. I will build bigger walls and figure up a way to make it distribute prizes in a manner that can't be abused. At the least, legit completion gets your name on the wall (the wall is empty).

    Thank you for the comments!
  8. Empty no longer :D

    The maze was great, best one I've been in in the short time I've been here. Much fun, difficulty was just right for a casual go at it.
  9. FOUND IT!!!
  10. Wall hopping really doesn't count, 05.
  11. The maze is now back open (but still not asthetically finished, but functionality, pretty sure, is at a good point)! No moar hoppingmywalls2cheat.
  12. Ok I came across your maze and felt the need to see if it's rage worthy. I was just about to give up then somehow completed it. Without cheating.. then again I don't know how I can cheat (noob maybe?) Anyway I think I beat it but your sign isn't correct (glitch?) so I can't pull the lever :( Do I still win something or was it a troll? Either way it was fun ^.^

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  13. Wow that it aMAZEing