A lyrical challenge

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  1. The prep work on my Pirate Pit outpost is nearing completion, so I've taken a little break for some music. Here's a small challenge for you. Were going to write a song entitled "Yo ho and up she rises." AKA "What do you do with a drunken pirate?". Below are two videos from youtube, the traditional song, and a metal version of the song. (I like the metal)

    With those two song we have the following verses.
    - Shave his belly, with a rusty razor.
    - Hide 'im in the long boat, 'till he sobers.
    - Put 'im in the back, of a paddy wagon.
    - Stick 'im in a scupper, with a hosepipe on 'im.
    - Put 'im in the bed, of the Captain's daughter.

    Now some of my verses.
    - Paint his face, he's a Princess pirate.
    - Tie 'im to the mast, without his clothes on.
    - Hang 'im from the yardarm, that was MY rum!
    - Send him to the cook, he may be diner.
    - Take his eye patch, and hide his peg leg.
    - Strand 'im on an island, hope he finds rum. (yes, a Jack Sparrow reference)
    I have one more verse but it's just inappropriate for the tone of these boards, so I'll leave it out. (It's the only one that I have actually seen done to a drunken sailor early in the morning.)
    Reply with your verses and lets see how long we can make this song.