A Lovely Birthday Present From EMC

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by caprisunisfun, Nov 3, 2015.

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  1. So uh, hi everyone.
    This is hopefully gonna be a short thread and I hope it doesn't make anyone mad. I'm making this because I'd feel nice if I could kinda tell about this incident.
    This is by NO MEANS a ban appeal or complaint.
    So, yesterday I was on EMC (smp4 as always) and I was playing with my friends, talking to people in town chat, the usual. As several people know (in smp4 obviously), I had some strange skin splotches on myself on Sunday morning which my doctor could not diagnose the cause of on Monday afternoon. However, she did give me a disgusting tasting set of pills to take for 4 days. Since my appointment, I've had unbearable itching on my legs, feet, and arms, as well as yesterday I inexplicably could not stop listening to "Empire State of Mind" by Jay Z and Alicia Keys (weird, I know), and on top of that my mood was off the charts last night and I was really...slap happy.

    This morning, I woke up at 3 o'clock (AM) after sleeping for about 3 hours (I still feel quite groggy, to be honest). I got out of bed, took a shower, and when I returned to my room I found myself with an inexplicable stomach ache. I laid in bed for several hours until my sister walked into my room at about 6:30 and the two of us started having a conversation.

    About a half hour later, I went downstairs and my mother was in our living room watching a Robin Williams special. We waited for my dad to wake up, and I opened a few presents (5 pieces of Lush merchandise; my mom ordered the stuff she got for my birthday late, so we're still expecting a couple more presents in the mail).

    I was then hit by a very uncomfortable feeling of complete emptiness in my stomach, like I hadn't eaten in 3 days. I left the room to deal with my nausea, and when I returned my sister had made me 2 pieces of toast to get me going for the day. I ate the toast and tested out one of the products my mom had gotten me.

    Now, in my area, we have the day off for elections. I thought today would be a nice day to play some EMC, maybe a little CSGO, and hopefully GTA V would finally download on my computer, and I was actually quite excited for today because it's my birthday AND a day off.

    So, I turned on my computer monitor, loaded up the Minecraft application, clicked on EMC on my server list, and was greeted by this:


    As stated before this is NOT a ban appeal or a complaint. This is simply me expressing the most disappointing birthday surprise I've had in a long time. I'm not quite sure what I said in the chat that could've earned me this temp ban, but in all honesty I'm pretty used to smp4 having a lot of older people on, so if I DID say something, I suppose that was me not adjusting to the new wave of 10 year olds in the server and doing it absent-mindedly, or just forgetting the specific thing that got me reported.

    Which, yes, this is me owning up to the fact that I have made mature references in the past, and this is why the ban comes as a shock to me, since I thought this would've happened forever ago.

    I'd still like to know exactly what I said in town chat that got me banned, considering the only "drugs" I recall talking about yesterday were the ones prescribed to me by my doctor, but I guess, live and learn. I did have an inside joke going on between me and a group of friends but last time I checked we never said anything about it in town chat, and if that was really the reason, I would think everyone who was remotely involved in that would've been banned too? I'm honestly just really confused right now and if the person who banned me could maybe send me chat logs I'd really appreciate it because I'm not really sure what I specifically said.

    So, I hope everyone in smp4 throws a birthday party for me while I'm gone so I can be there in spirit, at the very least. Hope everyone has a nice Sandwich Day.

    One thing is for sure, though, and that's that I should never rely on EMC to make me happy :)
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  2. Sorry to hear about your birthday surprise. (Happy BDay btw :p) I think the best thing to do is PM EvilToade and maybe he can explain what happened. Hopefully it can all get sorted out.
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  3. (Thanks for the happy bday wish :))
    Yeah, I was hoping that by making this thread nobody would think I was trying to cause as much drama as my last thread caused, so thanks for understanding that. I was considering messaging him, but I do think this isn't very important and I wouldn't really want to waste anyone's time. I suppose I'm just looking for answers, and if I don't get them, I suppose that's alright. It's just been kind of worrying me you know :p
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  4. Happy birthday!

    This is kind of pathetic that of all things, talking about your medication would be a ban.. If only that TOS rule that says you have to be 13 was actually enforced, maybe people would be able to tolerate such a harmless thing.

    I won't say anything more.
  5. Happy birthday :) I believe the rule about drug references states that you can't talk about them at all, but it does seem a bit odd in this case... I don't know the details, anyway, sorry about that. As mentioned above, message Eviltoade and talk to him about it, I've found him to be a friendly moderator and I'm sure that you can get to the bottom of what has happened, that's all you'll be able to do I'm afraid, but I still hope that you can have an enjoyable day!
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  6. Thank you :)
    Yep, it is pretty disappointing to think that's why I got banned, but I guess I'll just have to deal with the consequences of my past actions you know. Thanks for responding though :)
  7. (thanks :))
    I guess I should read the rules more closely in the future. I blame myself for this, but this whole sitch has me confused as heck.
  8. Again, happy birthday Mar Mar!

    This is concerning the temp. ban: I was a part of the group of friends mentioned and I do remember saying things in town chat on the topic. For me, it wasn't relating to medication so I feel Fleur shouldn't have been the only member banned for this, and that I should have been as well.
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  9. Thanks A-sun :p
    Yeah, as you know I do have very bad short term memory loss, but I legit only remember saying the phrase "How dare you let my child be in a house with this stuff" or something along those lines. However that was, as I'm sure most the people who were present can verify, a very contextual phrase that quickly became very obviously a joke and nothing was further mentioned. I can't remember if any words were even mentioned, but I don't recall anyone in chat addressing anyone involved in that situation telling them to stop...which I do think needs to be fixed in chat (we should start to ask the people involved to stop before reporting, I think).
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  10. Sorry to hear this, and happy birthday :p Hope it wasn't because you talked about your medication
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  11. Thank you :) and oh, hopefully not, but I guess we'll just have to look deep. I'm still trying to retrace my online steps of yesterday though, haha.
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  12. Locking this thread. I'll be pm'ing you shortly.
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