A Logger's Dream: DC of Enchanted Iron Axes

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  1. Welcome to my Auction! Let's get started.

    Item: DC of Renamed* Enchanted Iron Axes
    Starting Bid: 5000r
    Minimal Increase: 750r
    End Time: 72 Hours after Final Bid
    Pickup: 8961 on Smp4, in the Auction Pickup Room

    2x Unbreaking I
    4x Unbreaking II
    2x Efficiency I
    1x Efficiency II
    14x Efficiency III
    1x Efficiency IV
    1x Fortune II
    1x Fortune III
    1x Unbreaking I, Efficiency II
    1x Unbreaking II, Efficiency II
    3x Unbreaking III, Efficiency III
    5x Unbreaking III, Efficiency IV
    1x Unbreaking III, Fortune III
    3x Fortune I, Efficiency II
    2x Fortune I, Efficiency III
    1x Efficiency II, Silk Touch I
    1x Efficiency III, Silk Touch I
    1x Unbreaking II, Fortune I, Efficiency II
    2x Unbreaking III, Fortune I, Efficiency III
    2x Unbreaking III, Fortune II, Efficiency III
    1x Unbreaking III, Fortune II, Efficiency IV
    2x Unbreaking III, Fortune III, Efficiency IV
    2x Unbreaking II, Efficiency II, Silk Touch I

    *I did write this so that all the names were included in my post. However, my computer ran out of battery and shut down right after I finished writing all of the axes, their enchantments, and their names, and so I am too frustrated to do that all again. Please forgive me. The names will be a surprise, and I promise, all axes are named something other than Iron Axe!

    The axes are kept in three separate chests. One holds axes with one enchantment, the next holds those with two, and the final holds those with three. They are all located in the Auction Room. Thank you, and happy bidding!

    P.S. The winner of these axes might need them for my next auction.... ;)
  2. Bump!!!! C'mon, those hundreds Endermen didn't die for 5,000r! Get bidding, people!!! :D
  3. Bump for the axes!
  4. Great deal here! Bump it up!
  5. Bump! Keep up the good work on bidding, thanks for all who have bid so far!
  6. Bump for the axes!
  7. Ahem... Bump!!! You know, over 1,500 levels worth of Endermen died for this auction! Let's give 'em a decent ceremony, eh? These axes were forged in their blood xp!
  8. I do believe that you have won the auction. I will put up the access signs later today (in a few hours when I have the chance). :)
  9. Please pay the 8,500 rupees. You may pick up at res 8961 on smp4, in the Contest/Auction Pickup Room. Thank you! :)
  10. What is expected of me as an Auction Bidder?
    Updated: 08/23/2012
    As a bidder, you may not bid on an item you do not have the funds for, should you win.

    Bidding it to be in rupees only, no substitutions of items for currency is accepted. Unless stated differently by the auction host, you are expected to pay for the item within 48 hours of winning it. Do not make joke bids. If you post down a number in an auction, you are bound to that number.

    Running a little late buddy, try to pay soon!
  11. Well, he had to wait 72 hours before the bid could win, so... don't know if that changes anything. :)
  12. Their is no rule stating so, I would suggest contacting a mod if he doesn't pay or atleast answer this thread in a day or two. He really did get a good deal:)
  13. Lol don't get panicky. I will. Transfer the rip when I get in game tonight.
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