A little sorry to alexchance

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  1. Well yesterday me and alexchance had a little argument because he thought i had a sand generator and i was denying it, But i did have one. I got perm banned, And i have now sorted it out with a mod and i will be back in game tommorow. I just thought i'd say im sorry alex for lying and when im back i hope we can be friends, So im sorry for what i have done. Also i think there should be a new rank called detective or something like that and alex should be it.

    Im sorry alex and hope we can be friends from now on.
  2. No problem, thank you for the apology. :)
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  3. Friends i hope:D
  4. Glad that there are people out there who can take responsibility for their actions and not put forth the blame on others.

    +1 cake to you
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