A little question.

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  1. I have a wild outpost on SMP7, that I don't use a lot, and I want to sell it to someone. I was wondering if I would be allowed to sell it. I will need to check with my friend about this, as he also lives there, but also doesn't use a lot either. One problem is that my brother, Brandop123, who is perm banned from site and game, has locked chests there, so would a mod be able to remove them. If I am allowed to sell it, I will post some pictures of it, and ask how much it should be sold for.
  2. How did brandop get permabanned? Just wondering.
  3. Being rude to other players all the time.
  4. Ouch. Im on a thin thread with that too. Any good land formations, biomes, caves, spawners near your base?
  5. I don't know if any Moderator would be able to, but for sure a member of the senior staff would definitely be able to destroy those Locked chests.
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  6. Its on a small Jungle biome with main land not far from it. There is also a swamp biome, that my friend, with his mighty axe, cleared almost all the trees from. If someone buys it, I will replant it. The camp has three houses, (A tree house, a churchy looking one, and mine, a small little shack...) We have a grinder, but I am not 100% sure if it works. There is a small cave area under the water near my little shack, and a mineshaft under water near the swamp island. For spawners, I am not sure. It has NOT been griefted yet, and is far enough out that griefers wont go to it.
  7. So... any answers.