A little question.

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Do you look around the froum before posting?

Yes. 14 vote(s) 93.3%
No. 1 vote(s) 6.7%
  1. Do people even search the forum before posting a thread?
  2. Read before posting, this requires you to actually use your brain, which most people do not. I of course do search before I ever make a thread, it saves you some embarrassment of someone linking you one of the 12 other threads dedicated to the topic.
  3. I do lol
    Otherwise we get bad rumors and miscommunications
    For instance
    Someone was saying Icecreamcow used the TNT and blew everything on purpose.....
    They didn't watch the video lol
    Therefore spreading bad rumors about our Mod
    (from what I saw in the vid it was an accident lol)
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  4. Almost nobody does this. Almost every time I'm here, I see somebody posting an old question over again. And I have only been here 11 days myself! *sigh*
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  5. only eleven days and your already a diamond supporter? :(
  6. Its been me asking this question for the most part in threads of topics where there is several other ones.
  7. I do my best not to post stuff that has already been posted. If I make a repost then I apologize.

    I do find it funny there are around 10 topics about music, probably double that about getting lost in the Wild.
  8. Yes.
  9. I'm lead to believe that a good majority of people don't believe that's their responsibility. It's an issue found on almost every forum I've ever seen. Generally, their posts translate to, "I'm almost positive this has been answered, but I can't be bothered to care, so answer it again."

    Makes me facepalm so hard.

    It's more likely than you think. :D I became a Gold supporter after 3 hours of registering, and upgraded to diamond about 10 days after that.
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  10. Yeah. I normally only create threads with my unique ideas, but if they have already been discussed somewhere else then I prefer not to.
  11. I try read all the forum threads before posting :) I'm pretty much always on the forums replying to stuff and never have to post anything new though.
  12. Yeah.
  13. And sometimes people post threads without thinking (like me):(.