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  1. Recently, I've been trying to log onto the EMC forums using stuff like my phone and my 3DS, but I haven't been able to do that. I typed in the exact password that I saved who knows how long ago, but it says incorrect password every time. So, recently I logged on and typed in /forumpass, but it said I have no password saved. Is there any way to fix this problem, or do I have to reset my forum password to do anything on handheld devices?
    Password Thing.png (What it says when I type /forumpass)
  2. It's best start convo with Krysyy, she will apply to help you with password to the forums.
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  3. Mine says no saved password either, but I have no problem signing into multiple devices.
  4. Well. I know you have a correct password as you posted here so I suggest that you check the saved passwords your browers has for the password it is using. Maybe your memory is slightly off when trying to enter it on the other devices.

    The other option is to change your password by going to your profile and updating it to something fresh.

    The /forumpass command stores the password set when you use /register in-game. If you did not /register in-game I do not believe it will know your password.

    Hope that helps.
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  5. Just a thought, but I may be wrong...

    I think some hand-held devices (incl. mobiles) auto capitalize the word? :)
  6. What it might be to is:

    -Type your E-mail and not your username. I had that to.
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