A little iTunes Installation / Windows 7 Assistance?

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  1. This has me stumped. I know Windows 7 is weird about permissions for programs, but I don't know how to get around this particular one. Can anyone help? I can't install the program otherwise.

  2. Hmm. I'm not sure. I have an iPhone but I run Windows 8. Ever since I've gotten my phone I've seen no reason to install iTunes. Try a google search on the error maybe....
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  3. 1. Run the installer as an administrator.

    2. Try hitting 'ignore' and see what happens
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  4. That's what I get when I hit ignore, (a similar error to the one above.) I tried just intalling the bonjour program, since that's where my computer seemed to run into trouble. No dice.
  5. Oh, thanks for that! I finally got it to install after a Google search that suggested Windows Updates. I will definitely look into this, though. I always disliked having all of these additional programs in addition to the one I actually wanted. Much appreciated to both of you for the assistance :D
  6. No problem!
    It's shocking to see how much crap Apple puts into that .exe installer file :O
    But Apple isn't the only one. *cough* stupid toolbars *cough* :p
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