A little idea I have.

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  1. How about once a month, one person is randomly selected to get a month of iron support, for free. If you get picked, you get all the perks of iron, but you can not be selected twice in a row. I'm not just suggesting because I don't want to buy, I'm suggesting this because in the long run, it might get more people to join supporters.

    *EDIT* Since I know someone is going to ask how this will get more supporters, this is how

    *New guy on EMC* Phff, supporters, who needs it..
    *Get selected for free iron* Thats cool! :)
    *After it runs out* OMG I NEED TO BUY SUPPORTERS!
  2. If not randomly, then maybe it could be the award for winning some of these contests that have been going on
  3. The only problem with that relies on the fact that then ONLY non-supporter members will have the chance to be picked... wich becomes unfair to the supporters as they are players too.

    Other issue is that "supporter ranks" are what its name tells you... "supporters" it will be awkward that a non-supporter gets supporter perks aint it? As far as encouraging the community to support EMC, well they can go to http://empireminecraft.com/upgrade/ and see by themselves wich perks are they entitled to by donating a given amount.

    Perhaps other type of monthly pick prize will be good, I dont underestimate the idea, but supporter is by supporting, not by prize =P
  4. Why would a person who already is a supporter need more supporter if they already are a supporter...

    Also, they kind of are supporting EMC if they win. Like I said, it could get them to buy it after it runs out.
  5. Instead of winning a supporter rank for a month, the lucky person could win an in-game monetary prize :) Sort of like a raffle draw that everyone is entered into. OR there could be some chests set up on a moderators lot and you could have the choice to take the money or the prize. Some of the prizes in the chest will be worth more than the money, some will not. Could be a fun little idea to add to the mix.
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  6. There is a difference between paying to be a supporter, and winning a privilege to be one with no effort. Maybe the offset could be that the supporter gets their supporter rank paid for that month instead?
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  7. or if a supporter gets chosen maybe X amount of rupees ( X is the amount depending what kind of supporter he/she is.... iron - 1000r gold - 2000r diamond - 3000r) or something like that
  8. seems you dont get what i tried to explain...

    if you create a prize ONLY obtainable to non-supporters it wont be a "community wide program" whereas the supporters (minority indeed) will argue about them not being eligible for a prize as well
  9. everyone could win it
  10. Also, i believe in-game ranking before moderators and staff is just the same as Mojang's Account creation.

    linked to a transactional history, and i believe there's no way to grat supporter to a non-paying player since there's no transaction going through teh server to back it up
  11. sounds like it could be a good idea but maybe they shouldnt get all the perks maybe just like some random
    ones like there would be no point to having a utopia res for 30days plus i there would have to be a vote among supporters, i bet some of those guys(and girls) might be "offended" by "commoners" getting special stuff for free
  12. i see no threat in this... iron supporters dont even get that much as is. other then a reserved slot on a server. thats all ide use it for
  13. doomauculas, there is no threat in it. But it wouldn't be fair to the players who are already supporters. They're not going to want to be downgraded for a month are they? And they can't really enter to win a supporter rank when they already hav it.
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  14. what if they get a different prize though such as rupees or an item(s) they want (depending on the item
  15. That could work. I still quite like my idea up the top :)
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  16. i like your idea too.
  17. with my idea. the supporter can win rupees *or* an item(s) of his or her choice. like if you want ruppes - boom have X amount. want wood - boom have a stack. want ocelot eggs - boom have 2-4
  18. the amount of items would depend on the economy of EMC so you wouldnt get like 64 ocelot eggs or 1 plank
  19. We've actually thrown the idea around of giving supporter (one months) for prizes to contests here and there. If a current supporter would win, we would refund them the money they paid for that month up to the amount they won.
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