A Little Big Planet Thread

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  1. This is a thread all about the amazing game Little Big Planet (1 or 2)
    If you don't know what lbp is then read the spoiler

    Little Big Planet or lbp for short is a ps3, psvita, and psp game. It is a platformer made by Media Molecule that is all about the community. Like Minecraft it emphasizes creativity in making things. Players create levels using an easy to use interface to make everything from simple platformers to first person shooters. Only lbp2 and lbp for the psvita have the complex level maker for first person shooters. Search little big planet 2 on youtube to see gameplay and levels. I will link videos later.

    In this thread you can share levels, show off creations, or just have discussions about the game.
    If you want to share a level then tell us the level name and creator.
  2. I have only played the game a couple of times but when I played it, it was a blast. I loved it. Especially creating my own levels. It was hard to get used to switching over to ps from xbox and then figuring out how the game works but it was still fun even though I died... A lot...
  3. The normal story levels were never too much a problem for me (except for the final boss) but some of he community levels are insane.
  4. I have that game. What's your PSN ID? :D
  5. Jokermanj (I think people can see where I got my minecraft username from)
    I published a few levels although most of them are really bad. I always fail at the art side of things.
  6. Maybe you'd care to take a look at mine? Most of them are at least half decent.
    If you're familiar with Latin Player 10 then you may enjoy my Latin Player 10 torture chamber. XD
    My ID is Acaveli.
  7. I remember Latin player. Didn't he just copy levels and make new accounts?
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  8. You know train bomb survival? Guess who was one of the firsts players.. I actually have the level file.
  9. Yes he did.
    Still does. He's using The_Dead_Creator now.
  10. I used to play this game on my old PSP! Oh how I miss it...
  11. The first game and maybe the second are free for playstation plus. The psp version isn't that good compared to the other versions but it is still a good game.
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