A Link Between Worlds [Majora's Mask]

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  1. Hiya EMC! When I was looking at the new legend of zelda time line i saw a picture w/ the players house and Majora's mask was circled and i always ignored it untill now. And looking at the offical time line (which will be posted later) a link between worlds was after link to the past (I belive). Knowing that struck me hard at the head and well, That stumped me.
    The reason for this post is one: plz give me evidence of why Majora's mask is hung on the players wall, and two: tell me if there is references from other games (preferably legend of zelda)
  2. It's more of an "easter egg" as it is decoration and not actually functional.
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    I already knew that but why did nintendo stick the mask in the game? And how did it get there?
  4. Supposedly, there's another reference to MM in Ravio's journal entry. I doubt it really means anything, though. I mean, Ocarina of Time even had Mario-related paintings :p

    Still, it's possible Nintendo is hinting at a Majora's Mask remake. Seems as good a time as any to release one.
    Also, if you haven't seen this loosely related video by the Game Theory channel, check it out:
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  5. Yah there are a lot of references from zelda to mario like on the red guy at Lon Lon ranch
    I've also heard about ppl guessing Majora's mask remake and I hope for it since I only need to finish the water temple