A jar of minecraft 1.0.0(rei's minimap+optifine)

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  1. I decided to upload my ver 1.0.0 Jar file for these who have issues connecting to the server and can't Engrish/missed the post about this/can't be arsed to downgrade.


    This is not in Enlgish. so if you can't read Engislh/missed the post about this/can't be arsed to downgrade, this is for you!

    But yeah, it may take a while to load. During of which you will be graced by my commentary window box thing.
    After it finishes loading, just click the link with the name of the zip file.

    this file will only be up for about seven day's from the time of this posting.
    And yes, it comes with rei's minimap(1.0.0) and optifine.

    Did I even posted this in the right section? :l
  2. Thanx for the upload link. :)
    Just a little curious though, if I isn't in English, which language is it in?
  3. Not-Elngish to gaijins

    And ニャ本語 to natives.
  4. Just so you know, this is technically illegal, as it is distributing mojangs game.
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  6. Distributing this file isn't really illegal as it is just one file, and if a player doesn't have minecraft legitimately installed on their computer this file is useless. Also, if a player has a pirated copy of minecraft they don't have access to multiplayer as they probably don't have a username/password to log on to servers.
  7. The jar file is just the resources MC uses stuff from, I think? dunno el oh el.
  8. no, it is illegal, i see people banned on the minecraft forums all the time for it.
  9. Wow, ill remember this for future, thanx for posting :)
  10. yep, no problem, just wanted to let you guys know.