A heros adventure

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  1. Hey guys and about the title I'm an imaginative person =) I love minecraft and I'm loving the great multiplayer server we are all a part of I've come a long way from being scared of zombies and playing minecraft classic but I am still very much a newb so I was overjoyed when everybody on this server went out of there way to be nice from offers of mining expeditions to helping me build my home I was overwhelmed by this server u guys put a face to the people who killed me with kindness I'm currently bunking with assault321 while we us my res as a shop (res 8570 if your interested) but it's not finished yet but I will post when it is thanks for every thing guys
    Special shout out to (hope I spell these right) clskatebored, JoJoGrimm, shadyshannon, and assault321
  2. Hello and welcome to EMC! Just remember, if you let other people help you build your home, and it gets griefted, its your fault! :) Other then that, I could help you with some stuff if you ever need it! :D
  3. Thanks but I trust the people on this server and I don't think theyed like to get banned but I probably won't be able to pay u but supplies and help would me much appreciated