A good Redstoner Who can make a auto tree farm

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  1. I am looking for a person who can make a auto tree farm. For more info pm me i am mainly on smp5.
  2. Ill do it!

    When i get back from church ill finish it.
  3. kk
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  4. Auto is not possible, semi-auto is prosible though
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  5. auto.. is possible... just not in town xD and need afk alt
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  6. On EMC, withers despawn.
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  7. oh, my bad xD never fought one before so I didn't know :p
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  8. Worse for me...
    *spends 10k on materials for big fancy auto tree farm*
    *runs it overnight, gets a DC of wood*
    *goes to town to sell*
    *comes back, wither despawned*
    Proceed the rage. :p
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  9. well, thats why i said a afk alt lol :p so it dont despawn, but I kinda get it tho
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  10. Permanently afk alt? Spend $20 on a minecraft account purely to gather wood? I'm going to have to say pass. :p
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  11. What about nightly restarts?
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  12. in 1.7 we can make larger portals, so it may be cheaper to catch a ghast and use it for an afk farm
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  13. Doesn't ghasts respawn?
  14. Not if you name it.
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  15. Name tags ;)
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