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  1. I really think that we should have like cars or trucks that we can build out of certain blocks and then if you built it right you could be able to drive it around and make a race track at your res or something.
    Tell me what you think below.
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  2. It sounds cool and I like where your head is. Thinking of new ideas to make the server the most appealing is great, although EMC tries to stick to vanilla concepts as much as possible.
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  3. Currently, it's really tough to implement effectively-working vehicles into Minecraft. The community has complained many times about the problems with boats and want them to be reworked.
    I don't think cars would be right to add to Vanilla Minecraft. We already have horses which are pretty much the predecessors to auto-mobiles in real-life history.
    Adding them to Minecraft has already made a imbalance to transportation; they're usually faster than minecarts and aren't restricted to maximum speed by rails. Mojang tried to the change the physics of minecarts to solve this problem, but some of the changes they made broke too many creations that rely on the prior physics of minecarts.
  4. I know that they try to stick with the vanilla concepts but I was just thinking that this could be good idea.
  5. Ya we can use horses but they get sent back to your res. I think that we should have an option to be able to make it so they dont get sent back then.
  6. You can always put a horse into your stable, for free. Everybody gets one stable slot for a horse.
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  7. EMC is a vanilla based server. I dont know if aikar would like to implement this
  8. This will not happen on EMC unless Minecraft implements it, which is highly doubtful. If you want to move faster, as Ethy said, while on a horse in Town you can do /stable store to store it, /stable to view your stabled horses, and /stable summon [Stable#] to summon it again. This simply flies too far out into the realm of non-Vanilla Minecraft, if it is even possible. :)
    1. EMC sticks, for the most part, to vanilla Minecraft mechanics.
    2. This would be super hard to make.
    3. It would require client-side mods.
    4. No.