A Frontier Misadventure

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  1. So, what misadventures have you emc'ers had in frontier worlds? I can honestly say, Ive had 3 major ones that top the list.

    1. When I was probably only about 120 days old or so, I ventured into frontier for the first time on smp2. This was back when I lived at a house with horrific internet (500-700 ping at all times) and I intended to set up a game in the frontier since it would not have worked in town. Well, iron-clad me finds 2 momentuses and a marlix (I was at diff 7, mind you - I constantly forgot about ps settings then) and I threw down a chest to put all my items in right away. Thinking I had put them all in, I ran off to get back to spawn. As I was running from Marlix's bows (and attempting to avoid a very angry Momo), Momo pulled me in and I quickly died. I later returned to this chest to find none of my things were there. Of course, being hotheaded and stupid, I found a player in local chat and assumed they had griefed me, and I reported them... before later I realized, due to how bad my lag is, it's quite possible it didn't register me shift-clicking all those items into the chest and they probably despawned after I died with them on me! I was so embarrassed. I wish I knew the player's name so I could contact them. They didn't get banned, I do know that, but still...

    2. While at pigmentus (the wonderful public gold farm on smp8 - check it out by going to /frontier north and turning left!), I was exploring around because I hadn't been there ina while. I found some beds and accidentally right clicked one (remember this, this is what sealed five dogs' fates). I was running around my frontier island a few hours later, going after a marlix with my dogs. Well... guess who forgot to reset their spawn on their frontier island? I respawned at Pigmentus, with 20-22 dogs following me. 5 of them got trapped under the Pigmentus platform and drowned going after some marlix guardians that spawned on me (yeah, I don't know. Marlix was over 20k blocks away but whatever, he still spawned'em on me). I assume this was because my friend was still loading the chunks where I died. Anyway, I had to minecart these dogs back to the start of pigmentus (fear of them tp'ing into the water outside and drowning) and then my friend and I had to strategically make them teleport back home. Well, after she handled Marlix. A+ to her for that, because I cannot solo a marlix at all.

    3. This one just...was a mix of really poor judgment and terrible aim. Pigmentus was badly broken (you'll come to learn that I should just probably stay away from this awesome build. I curse it) and I was attempting to fix it. Well, I couldn't quite reach where I needed to get, so I broke a piece of the platform... and then baby pigman decided it would be nice to jump in front of my still-swinging pickaxe. This led to me dropping down through the back and onto the cactus, dying, losing gear, and pigmentus being full of pigmen. It was fixed, thank god, and thank god again that khixan is so understanding. I have now vowed to just, not touch pigmentus and let the big dogs take care of it who actually know what to do. I'll keep my tiny chihuahua self in the corner. XD
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