A fishy AMA

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  1. That's right it's a fishy AMA and this is why: image.jpg just ask me some questions about my fish :D
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  2. How old is he? lol
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  3. What type of fish? How did you get him?
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  4. Is its food delicious? :D
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  5. What is the name of that glorious beastie? :)
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  6. About 2
    Lyretail Guppy
    Dunno I think he likes it
    frenzey, when I got him all he did was swim in a frenzy :D
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  7. Is it an albino? It looks like a lyretail multi albino but I can't really see the eyes.

    I've been in the fishkeeping hobby for 20 years and guppies have always been my favorite.

    If you want to see some more incredible guppies check out this page:

    He's one of the top guppy breeders in the country!

    Sorry, I just really like fish! :)
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  8. I'll try to get a better pic soon ;)
  9. does it like cheese? :p
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  10. What do you think (haven't tryed yet) :p
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  11. I hope it does :D
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  12. :D