A few tips on how to safely run a mine.

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  1. As we all know, lot of people mine in the wild, and lots of people DIE while mining in the wild, so I made this on how to mine safely!

    1. Name your mine shafts! This is so you know where your mining, so if you DO get lost, you can ask a friend to come and get you. Also, on the sign, you should put the following as well. Is the mine active and is there any hazards in the mine at that time?

    2. Always bring a gas mask! A gas mask in Minecraft is really just a pumpkin. Should you encounter a Endermen well mining, just put this on, and as long as you do not hit the Endermen, you can keep mining safely.

    3. Bring some cobble! Cobble or any other non-burning blocks are good for blocking up water or lava, and is also good for crossing a river/lake of lava!

    4. Lots of dirt means ores! But it also can mean lava. Take care when removing dirt from your mine.

    5. Up is the best way to go! Should you get hopelessly lost in a mine, dig up. Well doing this, keep the tunnel well lit, and watch out for sand and gravel!

    6. Resurface every 30 minutes! This can be modified to your liking, but you should always resurface once and awhile, to drop off ores.

    I hope this little guide helps and I will add some more soon!
  2. Thx for the pumpkin tip. I sell pumpkins if anyone need one