a few REQUESTS for SMP2

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by BetrayedChalice, Nov 23, 2011.

  1. people. PLEASE replant the trees you cut down. i BEG you. new players should not have to travel for 20 minutes while avoiding mobs... just to get a few wood.it only takes half a second to look down and replace the tree with a sapling.

    second, for the nether. i dont care what you do. but PLAEASE DO NOT destroy the blaze spawners. we NEED those for blaze rods. otherwise, we have no potions.

    these are just a few things we can do to make the server a beautiful and fun place to play.
    just aknoledge that you are not the only player. alot of people need coal, food and WOOD.
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  2. Cannot advocate this more sincerely. This applies to both servers, not just SMP2.
  3. I don't feel so lonely anymore. Thank you for brining this up.
    I hope more members look at this thread.