A few questions.

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  1. Question 1. When I play on the server, my avatar is just fine. But after s few minutes, it turns into the basic avatar. Whats going on?

    Question 2. How do mods work and is it possible to limit them to specific worlds? Like say I create one world and put Mod 1 on it. Does it affect my other worlds as well or can I make it work for only that world?

    Last Question. What is the problems that come from downloading and running mod(s)?
  2. 1: It is a 1.8 glitch, everyone else can see your avatar fine (you just cant see your own)

    2 & 3: The problem that comes from mods is they get you banned. We don't let anyone use any mods that allow seeing through walls / flying / running way fast / jumping extra high / etc. We have measures in place to catch and ban people doing this (sometimes it takes me a little bit to check the logs and take action). Are these the type of mods you were talking about?
  3. 1. Thanks.

    2. I was thinking more of the clay man , Pokemon and steampunk mods. We'll end up getting at least one of the mentioned when 1.9 comes out so why bother? ;) On a serous note, the mods I'm interested in are none of the above.

    3. What I mean is, in the single player worlds I play solo in. Can I set it up where the mods are in different worlds or do I have to share?
  4. Just to clear things up, questions 2 and 3 are referring to your singpleplayer experiences outside of EMC?
  5. 3. All of your currently installed mods run across all worlds, and sometimes on to servers which can get you banned. i love mods, but i have 2 minecraft folders so i can play on servers

  6. YAusQB: Yes.

    Nathonathan: Oh no. I don't want the mods to carry over to the sever. Just work on my own worlds.
  7. To avoid further confusion, you should separate questions that are in regards to EMC from those that pertain to Minecraft in general.
  8. I'll do that in the future.
  9. So is there a way to make sure my mods don't carry over to the server?
  10. What I would suggest is use a fresh Spoutcraft installation to login to EMC and use the regular Minecraft client to play with your mods.
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  11. i think im banned
    can i be banned for killing someones pet chicken
  12. You are not banned, I just checked plogelog. However, please respect other people's things. Being rude to other members, will eventually lead in a ban. You may have just been banned from that player's residence.
  13. You will know if you are banned, it will clearly tell you when you try and join.
  14. My apologies that it's late, thanks.
  15. how to change your profile photo
  16. xX_ScOTTY_Xx
    stole from me and kurzninja on the server please can you give him a warning or ban him because he may do it again