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  1. I don't know if anybody would be interested, but I had a few ideas for some player run things in server. I noticed that a lot of new players dont really know what the items are worth in game, and a lot of time they end up paying a lot more for something than they should. While I realize the idea of having a player run economy shouldn't be tampered with, the empie store isnt exactly a good bench mark for prices, so I started thinking of my first idea:

    A Bureau for better business. Basically, business owners on the server would sign up with this group that would every once in a while get an average of the prices on various items in shops. On a lot somewhere it would list the items and the average price in the shops for those items (Maybe with a lowest/highest list) so that people looking for a good shop that won't rip them off can find one easier, and know when something is a good deal or not. Nobody would be forced to follow the price guidlines, but they would be encouraged to if they wanted to stay competitive.

    My second idea, which feels a little bit weaker to me, is some sort of Foundation for artists in the servers. Run by a few people, it would completely fund and support projects that were submitted and accepted to the foundation. When a project was submitted it would be evalutated and, if accepted, a list of materials would be asked for. The foundation would then fund (rupees) or provide the said materials, along with labor if needed, to help the artist complete the project.

    Anybody interested or, more importantly, is this legal? =3
  2. Your second idea really catches my interest for some reason. My only question is, labor? How is this person an artist if they need someone to build it for them XD?
  3. I mean like, for digging an area out or something like that. Not the actual building of the art itself.
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  4. Every "Artist" has to have some flunky's running around to make "The Arteest" look impotent. :D
  5. Erm... did you mean "important"?
  6. Nope :p What you are spelling is what he want's to feel like. ;)
  7. I'd still like to try these on a server if anybody is interested.