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  1. Okay, first off I know some of these have already been deigned so stop yelling at me.
    these are just some ideas that im throwing out there.(although still hoping to catch a fish)
    #1 S.T.S. (short term supporter ship)
    this would be a way to buy a small boost of supporter ship and/or other perks. it would be bought on the site. some examples my include double xp, some commands or something else.
    #2 other servers/types of servers
    I was thinking emc might need a bit of variety, maybe a pure survival server or a ftb server (I know its on the denied list so stop raging).
    #3 mini games
    There could be a portal or command to get to a set of mini games that would server no other reason than competition or entertainment.
    #4 other game modes (I know people have talked about this, I just wanted to bring it up)
    there my be a few more game modes like a spectate game mode or a another game mode.
    there would be no propos to the spectate game mode than to fly around other peoples reses. in this mode chat would be disabled and you cant interact with anything.

    Jack, when did you become a mod? lol .Congrats!

  2. I would like to see emc to expand to some of these, but I feel like the staff has better or more important things to complete first :p
    And i would love a ftb server, sucks its denied
  3. IKR!

    I know, but its just some of my ideas
  4. Ok, to respond to these the best I can.

    #1. I have not seen such a suggestion before and I see it as being something that could be quite cool. But I'm not sure how feasible it would be.

    #2. As you said, been suggested before, multiple times. Aikar has said that a PvP server is on his long list.

    #3. Some mini games have been set up by staff and members. Just ask around and you'll find them.

    #4. I think this is now on Aikars list.

    And also, your grey text, Jack became mod around 18 hours ago, Alex also went mod too.

    Hope that helped :)
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  5. oh, cool congrats to both alex and jack then

    I meant as in like a parcour puzzle or something more interesting, and automated
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  6. Ok. Well, I think there is probably some things similar to this. But yeah, I don't see something like that come too soon. :/
  7. There are a lot of parkour and games you can play. Some good ones are on smp3, at /fun.
    I was wondering why that isn't in the Server Overview *looks at Jack*
  8. Also aikar did mention a dystopia server at one point.
  9. not sure, but I think aikar meant the PvP server
  10. No, he mentioned a Dystopia server. I remember people talking about it earlier on.
  11. There was mention of A dystopia server. Not exactly sure how it would work or when they were planning on adding it or if they even are adding it.