A far longer absence than planned.

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  1. A lot has changed since I last visited the site, or a server for that matter...almost two years if i remember correctly.

    I don't believe I made a post here originally, so I think now's as good a time as any to do so.

    My name is Tjaden or NimrodGenocide or Nimrod for short.

    I've been a minecraft player since shortly after the 1.0 release and have loved every minute of it. Aside from small servers with friends, this was the first (and so far only) large community server I've ever ventured on...and had a great time doing so!

    I look forward to meeting new people and seeing how much has changed between then and now.

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  2. Welcome back! What made you decide to try out EMC again?
  3. Welcome back, nimrod! :)
    I've always wanted to say that without getting in trouble =P
  4. Heya, awesome we see you again, have a great time!
  5. Welcome back to the Empire!
  6. WB have a great time and you should set up home here on Smp9 good people there ; )
  7. Welcome back you will enjoy it even more now :)
  8. Welcome back and happy building!
  9. Welcome back, and have a nice time in the Empire
  10. well, i missed the complexity of the world created in EMC with the economy and teleports. It's always astounded me with the level of work put into such a place. That, coupled with a lack of friend-run servers and a growing disinterest with the single player led me to come back.

    took me a while too! i couldn't remember for the life of me the name of the site or the servers, nor did i have any records saved anywhere except for my former friend's minecraft username. after i had that it was just as simple as a google search :p
  11. Nice to see more people back, what server are you residing on?
  12. residing on SMP1 presently, still in the process of gathering resources/ actually building my residence lol
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  13. Oh, there are lots of changes now! I'm sure I wasn't around in your time, but I am happy to welcome you back! I hope you're here to stay this time. :)