A DC of iron ingots, P.S. there not gold ingots sprayed grey.

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  1. A dc of iron ingots
    starting bid=500
    min bid=50
    pick up at= 9469
    it will be set up after you pay
    2013-07-20_23.21.42.png this auction will be closed 36 hours after last bid
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  2. When does the auction end?
  3. it says under the picture - 36 hours after the last bid
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  4. Just had to put those anvils there, didn't you. I don't even have enough iron for half that amount.. NOW I SHALL!
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  5. Did I win? o.o
  6. choongjae is the winner of the DC of iron ingots as soon as i am paid i shall have a chest at the front of my res with access only to you
  7. Paid. :)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.