A creative server?

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Would you like a Empire Minecraft server that is creative?

Yes. 6 vote(s) 42.9%
No. 7 vote(s) 50.0%
I don't know. 1 vote(s) 7.1%
  1. Hello! Today i thought of a Empire server that was creative, i don't what you think, but i think it would be awesome! It could build contest each month/week or something like that, so everyone could show their build skills! It would be WITHOUT the vault and economy, so you can't take the items to one of the survival servers. Also maybe to worlds with residences and no wild nether and end. Also there would be bigger plots, maybe 120x120 as Utopia?
  2. This would completely demolish the economy, unless the server was stand alone and had no interaction with the current empire servers whatsoever, and it wouldn't feel like the empire community I have come to love then.
  3. It would be different, but if there was no access to the vault and no wilderness it might be cool. It would have to be a stand-alone server, because otherwise people would just give themselves whatever they want and change back to survival.
  4. I think the point of the creative server would be that you couldn't access vault, so it would stand by itself. Also, this would just be for building skills and i'm sure that the plugins for res build/destroy esc are still going to be there.
    I like the idea :)
  5. I don't like this idea, it's no point if you have anything in your inventory.
    I can't even see the Empire as a creative server:S
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  6. Yes I Would Like A Popular Creative Server But If You Ask Me We Might Need Way Bigger Residences To Build On And That Would Be A Slight Change...
  7. ya im saying it would be set off from everybody else, i mean theres no wild, just a town where the server is solely dedicated to building.
  8. it MIGHT be interesting. i certainly need a good creative server to give my buddies redstone lessons 'cause they are all NOOBS.;)
  9. Updated the post =) thanks for the comments =)
  10. There are a bunch of reason not many popular creative server exist. One big one is grief. And I don't mean just destroy what others have built. I mean spawning 10,000 enchantment tables that causes anyone that walks anywhere near to freeze, things like that. It is very easy for people to take down the server, either on purpose or accidentally.

    I am not saying I completely against the idea, just why we have never done it :) If you wanted to try creative with a few friends just make a private server :)
  11. I just thought it would be cool, there is some creative servers, but almost none of them are good because of grief, but with your residence plugin i don't think there would be any grief. =)
    Maybe it would be possible to "blacklist" some items that could crash/freeze the server?
  12. ya i like that idea :)
  13. There is enough grief currently on residences, fair enough that most of this may be resolved with an unlimited inventory, it wont stop those who are griefing just because they enjoy destroying others players creative work. As Justin mentioned, anyone can just host their own private server and invite selected friends, or just play creative in single player and post screenshots on the site.
  14. The Empire as a creative server= No way:D