A couple simple question from the new guy...

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  1. Since I am pretty new to this awesome community and am still learning, I have a question that I am sure has been asked and answered before. Has anyone ever thought about setting up /tp commands to the waste & frontier? Because that would be totally awesome. Set up your sweet home away from home and then make a /tp pad. That would make resource gathering so much easier.

    How do you break a /res tpsign in town? Does breaking the sign end it? I set up a couple yesterday but I want to move them now and the command page doesn't say anything about destroying them.
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  2. There are /waste and /frontier (also /wild) commands to quickly get there while in town :)

    But yes breaking the sign will stop the RTS system.
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  3. You've pointed out the problem as to why we do not have a /tp ability in the wild because it would practically destroy our diverse economy, it has been suggested lots of times and opinion is split on it but it will not happen, however, I have heard a wild tp system will be integrated with dragon tombs but not sure how, so actually something to make wild travel easier may be coming in the future.

    As for the second question, yes you only have to break the [TELEPORT] sign and the tp will be removed. :)

    Hope this helps to answer your question!
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  4. Thanks for the replies. I want the wild / frontier tp to work 'cause this is a building game with killing mobs added in later. This isn't Skyrim where you can build stuff if you want to, this is Lego with mobs running around. I love creating structures and machines so adventuring to me isn't that interesting. To me the combat isn't that good, I love magic to burn my mobs with... muhahahahaha!!! The bows are ok, but nothing like sneaking up on a mob and sniping him in the neck for 6x damage. So I build and I love it. But you need material so you have to adventure, /tp to your outpost would sweet.
  5. You did the right thing by asking! Welcome to the community. Don't forget you can usually ask in game. There are a ton of members who will help, so long as they aren't AFK! :D
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