A Clock.

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  1. Hey everybody! I need some help :(
    On my res on Smp3 (6070) I want to make a clock, every minute it will shoot a small firework, and every ten minutes it will shoot a big one! But there's a few issues. I have a compact one minute clock, but I don't know how to make a ten minute clock D:
    My other issue is, will it work if my res chunks aren't loaded?
    So if any of you have answers, help a bro out ;)
  2. Well is it's not loaded yes it won't work.

    For the ten minute one you can have the 1 minute one hooked up to 10 recivers and the 10th ones fires a signal to shoot the big one and the reseter to reset the ten recivers
  3. How would I build a "Receiver"?
  4. im getting the feeling he is talking redpower talk :p
  5. You could use a dispenser timer and a two bit counter for this.

    Here's a dispenser timer:

    and the two bit counter with a firework dispenser connected to the reset line:

    two bit flip side:

    If you'd like to see it up close, it's on my residence in the Tree Farm. The portal to it is just down the stairs and to the right.

    If there's no dirt on the dispenser plate, press the button on the side of the dispenser timer. If you want to see it work without waiting ten minutes for the blocks to despawn, step close enough to grab the dirt then back away before the dispenser fires.
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  6. I don geddit...
  7. That or a huge repeater clock...
  8. Isn't one repeater tick = .1 second? So a repeater on 4 would be .4 seconds.

    Ten minutes = 600 seconds, or 6000 tenths of a second.

    6000/.4 = 15000 repeaters. No thanks.
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  9. Assuming a repeater is about 10r each, that's only 150000r! :p
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  10. Please do not make auto dispensers for fireworks that go off when you are not online.
  11. Example device now includes a hurriedly placed on/off switch.
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