A call to JustinGuy to finish the Empire Palace on smp7

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  1. The Empire Palace on smp7 has been sitting inside its obsidian box for too long. Yes I know it is a big project but the live map says that he has not worked a bit on it for ages. Yes I know he is busy but smp7 needs the tourism. The smp7 economy is almost dead. With people hopefully flocking to smp7 to see the palace it would restart the economy. I would also like to have an amusement park on one of the 120x120 plots on smp7. Could JustinGuy please answer?
  2. There IS a park on SMP3. And they are improving the economy as we speak. Maybe that'll kick start it again? :)
  3. Heres a hint use world downloader and remove the obsidian box yourself

  4. I think that they should go server by server like:

  5. We (SMP2) have the /park :p
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  6. We smp1 have the graveyard :)
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    padawan Patience you must have "Yoda's Voice"
  8. I guess Justin has had to make a choice about priorities. He has only 24 hours in his day, 8 of which are hopefully ear marked for sleep:) Maybe he has had to choose between keeping the servers up and running or building the palace. As the servers are currently all online, I see he chose the greater good:p
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  9. Just for future information. Senior Moderators and Admins can join a server and keep The Avatars 'Invisible' along with staying off the TAB- online list.

    So JustinGuy could be working on this as we speak and you would never know about it.

    But the more logical thing would be he is spending time with his newly expanded family and still unpacking those boxes that seem to hide when you've moved house in the last year.

    Stay patient and things will happen, a small amount of Faith is needed here.
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