A Cakey B-Day

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  1. Hi Guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Guess What...
    And to celebrate this I'm inviting all of you guys out there to come! Isn't that FAB?!?!
    The schedule for the day will be the following:
    Parkour (Prize for the winner)
    Archery (Prizes will also be given out)
    Trivia (EMC based questions will be asked in a 15 sec time limit)
    Drop Party (many items will be given out!)
    And Finally, A Beach Party (Chill And Enjoy The Fireworks)
    Anyone can come! The Residency That We Will Hold The Party At Will Be /v 8819 And /v +TehrandomX2 I Hope You Can ALL Come!
    The party will be on 26th April 2015 FYI And On SMP4 At 12pm EMC Time

    Change of plan... The party will be next sunday
  2. Sounds fun! When is it???
  3. I never miss free cake! There will be free cake, won't there?
  4. sure will... I'll bake up a few DC's
    Everyone loves home-made cakes right?
  5. Oops! forgot to mention! its on the 26th April 2015 aka sunday so should be epic! i cant move it to saturday cus i have some commitments irl
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  6. BUMP! FYI If You Can't Make This Party I WillHave Another Party (My irl B-day) On Next Saturday or something so... not to fear!
  7. Because im all about that BUMP! bout' that BUMP! no treble >:3 I hope u can all come :D
  8. At what time will the be at?
  9. Happy early birthday : ) And hooray for archery contests. We love our bows in my neighborhood.
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  10. Good Question XD Forgot To Add that But It Starts At 12:00pm EMC Time
  11. Nooooooo! :d can't come
  12. That's fine... The party will be long so u may be able to come before the end
  13. What smp is it on?
  14. So /v 8819? Im here right now in game, But where is everyone?
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  15. oooh...Next Sunday :(
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  16. heh i kinda had to cancel and move to next sunday heh... real life issues...
  17. But i'll be there on Sunday, i cant miss a Party! :D
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  18. Oooh, I'll try to make it. :) If I can't get there, I'll send you a cake or two as congratulations! :p Thanks for hosting, and congrats!