A bitter journey

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  1. It has been a year now since I joined the Empire. I was introduced to a maze, to test if I was dedicated to follow the rules of the Empire, they were called the commandments. I was in no intention to stay too long, that was later changed. I was surprised a server this massive, this grand... can keep it so serene. I didn't care too much of what was happening, I could have cared less about the rupees I had in my hand, or the people around me. I came back the next day telling myself to build a small pagoda. I had no materials in hand and no knowledge of what was called the wilderness. I then encountered someone in chat advertising their shop, I was introduced to a variety of choices, I was pleased and came back to my residence. I finished my pagoda, but the next day I came, I was unsatisfied. I told myself I'll build myself my own shop, then there I was staring at the deep, wondering where to start. I came to the forums wandering, I was lost, I decided to look at the guide carefully this time I. I then went on with my journey. I came to the wilderness wondering where to start, I saw an outpost and decided to make a dash for it. I had been teleported to the east side of the world, 10,000 blocks from where I was. I look around barely a hint of trees. I started chopping down wood and later started mining. I did this routine for a few days. I had a shop, the structure was made with cobblestone, it looked neat in my eyes, but looking at others, I envy. I came to a day where I went mining, this time with a friend, I forgot his name or how we became friends but he was nice. We mined at the spot I only knew, he then introduced me into a type of mining. I had to admit it was very efficient. We were mining for a couple of minutes, we encountered trouble. A player started attacking us with flint and steel, panicked, I had no way of fighting back. Furious and angry, I armed myself with weapons I could afford. Me and my friend went back to the mining spot and tried to look for the player that took our items, we found him. My friend went ahead and strike him and tried to trap him into a hole, he failed, with fury and anger I charged ahead, then I realized something. Remembering one of the commandments, I came to realize that fighting him was utterly useless. I tried to run away but it was no hope. I came back to my residence angry, trying to look for help, trying for someway to get back at the player. The first friend that I made, he left disappointed and never came back. I left the game and came back the next day. I came back, seeing the player that had stolen my items, I argued that he stole my items, he denies and enjoys my anger. A while later when I was constructing my shop, a player going by the name, JustinGuy, joined the server. Noticing he has a distinct color on his username I ask him what is his position, he replied saying that he was an admin. I was in a rush, telling him that a player stole my items. The player that had stolen my items was declaring he did not. Then JustinGuy stated "Ok", Nothing else. A few minutes later I see something on the screen stating the player has been banned. With relief I thanked JustinGuy. It was on that day I decided I should stay on the Empire.
  2. To be continued...
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  3. Cool story bro, needs more action.
    Joking, that was a pretty cool wall of text :p
  4. And the rest, as they say, is history....
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  5. That was very intense.