A Bit of Internet Data Security

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  1. This video is a TED talk from the CEO of Mozilla about a new add-on (called Collusion) they released that shows where your data is being sent on the internet (there's also a Chrome version):

    I'd personally like a bit more information about what exactly is being sent where. But this is a good step.

    Having my info shared doesn't scare me. It's when I don't know where it's going and when it's being taken that makes me a bit wary. Google can (and does) track the location of my phone, the content of my emails, the sites I visit, and more. But I know they do. The add-on lets me at least stay aware of the sites that don't tell me. Even EMC apparently tosses some of my info (I have NO idea which info... that's my one big problem with this add on) to 13 different places. I just wish I knew what data exactly was being given out. Thoughts?

    ;) Welcome to the internet. Who's tracking you? ;)
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  2. Watch the watchers eh? Why do I suddenly think of the Watchmen....