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  1. Hello. My name is armc3j. I play minecraft because i have always had a passion for surviving and colonizing, and i found that minecraft is a great way to express that passion. I also play Minecraft because I love to build (i play with legos all the time) and I love exploring.

    I am not what you would call a hardcore gamer. My personal view of the world is God first, Others second, Me third, and games fourth. The only gaming system i have besides the computer is a Wii.
    The only games i actually play are Minecraft and games from the Zelda series (I looooovvvve Zelda games.)

    I suffer from bouts of what could possibly be described as ADHD, so at times i am sporadic, excitable, and completely unreliable. I have also been blessed/cursed with a sharp wit and sharp toungue. This has led me to have a very small cast of friends, and a large cast of people who are very annoyed with me. One of the things I like about minecraft is that it gives me more of a chance to think about what i say... however, I don't always take that chance, so I apologize to you if I come off as annoying.

    Most of my friends fall into one of three categories. they are either A. people who can stand my annoyingness, B. people who i know on minecraft and play with a lot, or C. Neighbors and siblings. That, when combined, is a pretty small group. The largest group being people online, most of which are y'all. I might even go so far as to say that y'all make up the majority of my friends.

    That, in short, is me.
  2. Welcome to the Empire! You'll most definitely make some friends here. I hope you have a good time!
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  3. Another beleiver in The one true God
    Romans 15:13 "May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that by the power of the Holy Spirit you may abound in hope."
    May God bless you and fill your life with joy
  4. Please limit the amount of religious discussion on this thread, it makes some of the best kindling for for a flamewar.
    Anyways, welcome to the Empire! Remember to vote daily for some extra money and to check the Wastelands for resources.
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  5. Welcome... Again? This is likr your 5th thread today :p
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  6. Once again, welcome. I have much appreciation for a sharp tongue. :) Use it wisely.
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  7. Welcome to the Empire, hope you enjoy your time here :)
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  8. I won't snip this... because every word of it i true :)
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  9. True words my friend... And Welcome to the Empire!
  10. :D Welcome to the Empire! :cool:
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  11. u believe in the on true God maker of heaven and earth!!
  12. Welcome to the Empire! I'm glad someone isn't afraid to express religion on the forums
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  13. Welcome to EMC!
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  14. What is wrong with telling people what your religion is?:confused:
    And welcome to EMC!
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  15. There is nothing wrong with it.
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  16. Exactly!
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  17. Just saying a lot of people would be scared to
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  18. Why would they?
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  19. Religion can cause a lot of arguments
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