A better introduction. (Ask Legit questions!)

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  1. (Idea taken from Bobthetomato)

    I have already introduced my self before, but it wasn't well done, so, here we go.

    ONE DAY, in the magical world of Earth, my friend showed me this little game called Minecraft. At the time, I thought the game was stupid. It wasn't until I found Minecraftforfree (Now shut down due to Mojang) that I started liking it. I then got my dad to buy Minecraft for me. I played in SP for a long time, (luckily, my SP worlds got transferred from MFF, so I didn't have to start again.) before I even found out how to get ON a sever. When I did, I never got what to do on them, so I would be on one for 10 minutes, and the leave. It wasn't until 191 (Almost 200! :D) days ago, that I found EMC. I think I found it on some sever site, not PlanetMinecraft. So I started up, did the tutorial, and got a plot. (Without asking questions..) I then found out the I needed wood, so I went to the nuke zone better known as the wild, to get some. I found nothing, and then made my first post on the EMC forums, me complaining, that we should get planks, and not saplings. Then BLAHBLAHBLAHBLAHBLAHBLAH and were here today. So now, you guys can asking me any questions, Minecraft related or not. Thanks for reading!
  2. Are you legit
  3. Yes.
  4. I remember when you said we should get planks instead! xD
  5. Favorite color of Wool?
    How many creepers have you gotten to hug?
    Favorite Number?
    How many EMC servers do you log into regularly?
    Spend more time in game or on the forums?
    Favorite Minecraft Plant?
    What block is most common on your residence other than dirt or air? (placed not in chests)
    What kind of food do you eat when you venture into the wilderness?
    Have you been killed by a Ghast on EMC?
    Have you been killed by Lava on EMC?
    Have you been griefed in any way shape or form?
    What was the last thing you ate IRL?
    Do you have a shop, and if you do- what item do you sell the most of?
    What is your opinion on a wild reset? (LOL jk)
    Which way does your head face while you sleep?
    What is your favorite planet?
    How many dragon eggs have you physically seen on EMC?
    What is your favorite time of day to play Minecraft?

    These are just some I quickly typed up... Want more? I can make more... Shouldn't take to long.

    PS Welcome to the EMPIRE!!! lol
  6. Pink
    Lost count
    Mostly 2
    Even amount on both
    Mostly bread and melon
    Chicken strips
    Yes, and dyes (Mostly out of stock)
    Don't reset it
    I think all
    Any time.
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  7. Also, more questions.
  8. Do you like MiniMoose
    Mcdonalds or Bk?
  9. Never heard of him/her
  10. ha haha ha ha haha ha...
  11. Wow, exactly like me! Expect.... I bought minecraft :p
  12. 1. How long have you been playing minecraft?
    2. How often do you play minecraft?
    3. You play minecraft because of EMC true/false?
  13. I would add 100 more days onto my days on EMC, and that would be around it.


    True and false.
  14. What server do you play on? I have yet to run into you. :p
  15. Mostly 3 and 7.