A belated Hello Empire!

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  1. Before you comment on this thread please read on ahead. Over the past few weeks & months I have been seeing threads like the one i'm making pop out even though those players are old. I thought I would join them even though I am not that public and open to a lot of people nor do people earn my trust so easily. Sorry for all the ranting and here I go!

    Hello ladies and gentlemen of Empire Minecraft! My IGN is onaj but my first name is Jonathan and I have been playing on EMC on smp2 for 484 days. I am a 19 year old male. I have never moved to another other server nor will I in the future, smp2 is my home and it will stay like that. You may have noticed that some of my writing may not be the best English and that is because I am not native to English. I was born in May, 1993 in Barcelona, Spain. I moved to the USA seven years ago and have been living in Illinois.

    During the year and half of my gameplay on EMC I have met a few people who even though they are "well known" on EMC in general, they have been at my side, friendly to me. southpark347 & firestrike34 are the best friends that one could wish for. The friendliest people I have met and whose friendship I value the most.

    You may be asking yourselves; "Who is this person, idk who he is..."
    Well, I will agree that not many know who I am. I am not popular nor do I wish to seek fame. If I have to, I will strive to achieve popularity but in order to gain friends, I want people to like me for who I am & not because I may or may not be Diamond Support or be rich or be "well known".

    For those of you who have crossed paths with me know that I get into heated discussions every now and then and that some lead to bad consequences but deep down, if you get to know me, you will see that I am a nice guy.

    If I have forgotten anything, and YOU wish to know something, feel free to leave a question for me to answer.
  2. I baked potatoes for you! ^-^
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  3. :D yay Onaj !! Smp2 ftw
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