A battle arena- i went there

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  1. Ok so i know most of you are here cause you dont like PvP, but hear me out on this one.
    There should simply be a battle arena for players who want to do a little pvp from time to time, could make one on each server or one on one of the servers as a special feature.
    In no other place in EMC would you be able to attack other players ONLY in the pvp arena. This would allow players who dont want pvp to continue playing the game in normal fasion. But for those who want a little bit of extra action, they can head to the battle arena.
    I also think this would attract new players to the game and a new Audience of players. This would also give "guilds" or "clans" a far better purpose (cause as of now there is really no use having them)
  2. Hey how about we post 20+ forum posts wanting arenas!
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  3. wait so are there arenas up again?
  4. No, but Aikar is working on a "secret" pvp project... Yup
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  5. it doesnt say where these places are, nor are they pvp
  6. That's because they don't exist anymore.
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  7. The project that Aikar is working on (to the extent I understand) is not specifically PvP. It will probably be more like capture the flag or king of the hill.
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  8. IcecreamCow called it a "secret PVP project"....

    Notice it says that they will be announcing it shortly- Most likely with more details
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  9. Its coming along very nicely also, I personally think its pretty. Oh, wait. I've said too much.....
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  10. I hope it is. The PvP arenas with an objective are more fun than just regular PvP man to man super campish type of playing in regular 'War' gamemodes. Also a variety of maps would also be a good addition.
  11. aikar.co is his test server beware lags
  12. I have talked to JustinGuy, and ICC on Xbox. It is most likely a capture the flag event where everytime you kill other people or get the "flag" (A piece of obsidian) they can use these points to buy items to better equip their team.
  13. ICC and JustinGuy haz Xbox? ADD ME OMG: GT ON XBOX: FPSStimulus
    You too Frodomann. :p:3
  14. No :( Besides Justin is moving to the Virgin Islands tomorrow and won't be on.
  15. :( Nooooo
  16. he is leaving!!!!!!!!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooo,,,...