A 6 Month Late Intro

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  1. Hello, I am Nc-Cory-g (A lot of people who meet me in-game just call me Ncc). I have been playing EMC for roughly six months and have yet to post an intro so, here it goes.

    I enjoy helping and meeting new people in SMP3, I have a lot of free time so I help whenever someone needs it. I also like to breed 105-120 Horses on my res in SMP3, as well as grow trees, and supply leather and raw beef to different shops. I mainly supply Bluevault13's mall but have sold to several other shops in SMP3/SMP9.

    EMC aside, I also enjoy playing Call of Duty and listening to all types of music (Rock, Rap, and Hip Hop mostly). Whenever I am not playing Minecraft I am either playing Call of Duty, Listening to Music, or swimming. If you want to play CoD sometime with me message me for my PSN/Gamer Tag.

    I also love to read and write, mostly Mystery and Horror, though I never did finish my story for the writing contest a few months ago. If you have something you're writing and want someone to read it and give you notes feel free to send it to me!

    That's all for now, if you want to know anything else feel free to ask.
  2. Good to meet you Ncc! I'm nick_godoy mostly called by Nick! :)

    Good to see you on for 6 months! I have been on EMC for about 820+ Days!
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  3. Hi, Ncc, nice to meet you! I'm hashhog3000, mostly referred to hash and lately hashbrowns. :p Nice to see that you're enjoying EMC! I look forward to seeing you more in the community. :) That's nice that you help people when you can, I like that in a member. :) I think you'll go far in this server. Nice to meet you! :D
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  4. Really Caden :D
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  5. Welcome to EMC. We haven't had a formal introduction yet.My name is Dr_Chocolate14. Nice to meet you. :p
  6. Nice to meet you as well.
  7. Good to meet you :)
  8. -group of people- Hi Nccoryg.

    Jk jk
    Hi Nccoryg!!!! :D
    Havnt seen you around yet (jk ;) )
    Remember if something is broken #BlameChin!!!! XD
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  9. Welcome to the EMC forums. If you need any help don't hesitate to ask XD
  10. I won't, thank you.
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  11. How have you been nubcoryg?
  12. Working on a lot of background stuff on EMC.
  13. Hi Ncc, I am also from smp3 and have seen you on numerous times. Nice to meet you. Have fun. :)
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  14. You haven't found me harhar