A 120x120 epic res on smp8 or smp9 - Need a EMC pro partner

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  1. I want to destroy my residences and build 1 epic one on either smp8 or 9 with someone that wants to use two residences of their own. (So we can combine to make a 120x120)

    I'm a very talented builder and one of the best EMC has. I have done many projects on a large and detailed scale. Some exmaples are at 16002, 6697, 6027.

    I can excel at architecture, moderate with redstone, pretty good at pixel art.

    If this interests you let me know. I have many ideas but it's all up for discussion.

    -Be dedicated!
    -Be 18+ (maturity/intelligence preferences)
    -Be a talented and creative minecrafter.

    Please get back to with serious applications ASAP! Thank you!
  2. 1X utopia lot
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  3. Yea but that won't be available to the non-supporters. I thought of a 240x240 already, lol.
  4. Non-Supporters can get onto utopia, Just not the wild.
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  5. well, if you're looking for someone who wants to give up two of their res's that means they have to be gold anyway.... which means, they have utopia. i am pretty sure a new member with one res wont give up their only res for something of art.....
  6. Yea but not too many do unless it's just a visit. the point is that it's in the same community that everyone is in. Plus I' might not be a supporter for long against my will for little while
  7. For example- I've only been to utopia once, for about 10 minutes. It never seems as active as other servers. I might want the res to have a shop, parkour, etc on it. I also like the idea of having the rights to half the town. If you don't want to do it that's fine. You don't have to.
  8. I totally understand what you mean. On Utopia there are maximal 10 members online to see your project, and those 10 are almost always the same people so you build it for nothing. On the normal SMP servers there are loads of new players coming every day which will visit your res, there are more people already on those servers to also see your project. And building on a 120X120 res on the normal SMP's is something "fairly" unique, while a 240x240 res sounds nice you won't fill that unless you have around a million rupees.
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  9. Exactly! And I don't want just the scale of the project to be "fairly" unique, I want the design to be as well. I'm keeping most of the ideas to myself, to leave room to be discussed between the partner and myself, and to keep things secret. ;D
  10. Hehe well I am sorry :) I can't help you with that. My minecraft designing skills don't go further than
    ... /_____\
    / | |_| |_| .. |\
    . |.|-|.........|
    ...|_| |_____|

    And yes, this is a house :)

    EDIT: Ohh god after I posted it its even worse :D
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  11. Haha. That's fine I wasnt holding you accountable and only had my hopes up a little... =(
  12. Just because someone is under 18 doesn't mean they're not intelligent.
  13. K.
  14. What do you know about quantum chromodynamics?
  15. Unless you have something relevant to post, find a new thread.
  16. Correction it would be 128x128 and 256x256 because you have the extra 2 blocks on each side
  17. Yes and no, because in between would be unbuildable unless it was really high up.
  18. Well that is the purpose of the "Mega Res" because they wouldn't be connected
  19. It would be set up in a way to compensate. Not that hard.