9300 Smp4 mall Owned my crafter31211

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  1. do not buy or sell to me First time (1 week res-ban) Second Time (perm res-ban)

    Opening 8-1-14

    Money donations: PM me ur donation and I need ur head for the donation wall

    Item Donations: drop them in the hoppers at 9111 on smp4

    Note:(9111 is also my EMC museum)

    also visit 8909 my horse farm

    if u have nay questions plz reply to this thread

    Try to visit all of my Smp4 Res' : 9300, 9111, 8909

    ill post weekly updates on the malls progress
  2. oops I didn't mean ; I ment :
  3. dang it I didn't mean the frown face I ment the colon srry about that
  4. If you don't want people to buy/sell from your shop/mall, then don't give them permissions to be there? lol
  5. ik rob but I want people to see the the progress of the mall they may buy and sell when its open
  6. If you want them to see your progress , but don't want them to buy, why not turn off move and update the thread with pictures of the progress? The title of the thread makes it seem that the mall is open. I wish you luck on your mall, as it is not an easy task. :)
  7. kyzoy ill do ur idea and ik how hard it is to make a mall my spawn so just one floor cost 130k lol im worried on how im going to stock it when im so low on money