930 Head Shop

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  1. "Head Shot."

    While the big waiting of 930 mega mall prevails, I have decided toiw make a simple small mini shop on the residence. The shop will be a Head Shop.

    Basically there will be 3 Sections.

    Sell/Buy Heads.

    Trade Heads.

    Auction Heads.

    The buy head sections works simple. I seller sells it for about 200 rupees. He would pay wisepsn 200 rupees. So then I would sell his head for 450 rupees. If a buyer buys the head, you get 400 rupees, a easy way to earn some quick cash.

    For trading heads, you could donate a spare head for free, and a trader will be allowed to trade his head for someone else's.

    For auctioning heads, you give the head for free, and I auction the head on the wall, and wait until a final bidder has bid. After that, you get half the money. (Good for most known players on the empire).

    Go 1 and go long. The shop is being created, so if you would want to pre head shop, please send me a PM. Head Shop will end when the mega mall is finished, so make your pre orders now! I will comment when the shop is ready.
  2. lolwut :p
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  3. Lol fail
  4. Is there a necessary mod to complete this task? I'm not getting results after 76 times of jumping off that peak on SMP1 Wastelands....
  5. EMC requires no mods for its features to work. It is a small chance(2.5% , 1/40) for your head to drop, just keep dieing and it will drop at your point of death eventually.
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  6. But After 76 times? darn.... I'm deadly with all of this "un-luckiness" atm...

    Edit 5Minutes later:
    on my 91 try i recieved my first head. WOW. wayyyyy to long for all this nonesense :p better be worth it..........