9189 Doom Empire on smp4

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  1. Sharing some screenshots of changes I made to my Residential creations. These are changes for my shop on smp4 located at 9189. The goal was to revamp and overhaul my shop. Not just for more space but to make the shop user friendly. Added to the shop are features that reduce lag and make it easy for players to move around and explore the shop. But also be apart of a frontier survival community. Soon more access for mounts will be added for those out riding around.

    All shops will be located on one level in one big open room. With room for mounts and beacon speed buffs. Portal in shop only leads back to a hub and is clearly listed in center. Any unlisted portals are admin portals.
    changes 2.jpg changes 5.jpg

    Farms and machines are kept simple. This reduces lag on players and server.
    changes 3.jpg changes 4.jpg

    Simple one path portal system that guides players in the direction they want to go. With outside portals linked to main hub.
    change 6.jpg portal start.jpg

    This creation incorporates three residential lots into 1 Empire system. That provides services to the EMC community. Such as rental homes linked to a community hub. Rental homes are for those who play the Frontier & Survival portion the EMC has to offer. So players always have a safe place to lay their head for cheap affordable prices. Homes are built by the EMC community who is hired to build them. So no single home holds the same rental price. The rent is determined by an auction system starting at 20 r per week. Doom Empire profits are for maintaining the Empire.
    9189 shop.jpg
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