9128 is getting an upgrade

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  1. Hi there, you may know me as the owner of 9128 shop, maybe not. Recently, I've noticed that the general structure of 9128 wasn't very good (it's an 6x8 square...) so I'm creating another building, and demolishing the current one. This thread will have all news related to it!

    Note: the current 9128 will remain open until the new building is completed.


    Rentable meeting rooms! This means that you can rent out a section for meetings with a community, friends, or if you're just bored and want to annoy me by making me change another 3 signs...

    Traditional mega-mall items. I'll have almost every item in here! Another mega mall never hurts ;)

    Box for nfell2009- seeing as he apparently never learns, and still afks in my res, I'll make a box just for him! And launch fireworks in it! :p

    In addition to that, I'm also in the market for a lot of stone/stone brick, or sand/glass. PM me if you have some that you want to sell to me!
  2. Added day 2 pics, what does everyone think of this project?
  3. Nice building :)