9012 Sandstone Mansion!

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  1. And by the way, free rupees are involved.

    I've started a mansion on smp4's 9012, aka my alt's res. It's main body will be made out of sandstone, with stone slabs for floors and a roof.

    Now for free rupees!
    Tell me what to use the rooms for. I will have 4 rooms, all of which are pretty large. Post some ideas, and if I like one and therefore use one, I will award you with 500r per idea used.

    Picture of the completed rooms (first floor):

    Note, if you go to 9012, you will see the spiderweb challenge. Fall through 50 spiderwebs to get a 1k prize. That will not be refilled for a while, as I'm focusing my rupees somewhere else atm (getting all the sandstone for the second floor walls).
  2. Updated the original post a little bit, now you get rewarded per idea, not 4 ideas. :)
  3. Alternate between the different types of sandstone
    Add a perimeter of sandstone slabs around the base of the mansion
    Add squares of stone every few blocks
    Add fountains
    Raise the roof xD
  4. Make an elaborate enchantment room. with vines and stuff. juts make it feel almost exotic.
  5. Lol, I actually do have a small perimeter of sandstone stairs, and a fountain. XD
    Although interesting other ideas.

    Hmm, I'll see ;)
  6. Use round forms, this is one blockish box! A mansion has more style, fountains, stairways, raised gardens etc :D!


    take a look at that :)
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  7. Yep, this is the result of all my building efforts! (You see why I wanted you too build this at first :p)
  8. A giant pixel art of icc.
  9. Room 1: Relaxation room/living room
    Room 2: Bedroom
    Room 3: Storage
    Room 4: Viewing room so you can enjoy the view
    Maybe put storage underground and use the third floor for something else?
  10. And I thought this thread had died.
    To everyone: I'm still deciding but I'm leaning toward a garden (eclipsys) and living room (matthey12hydro) for the first floor, and a bedroom (matthey12hydro) for one of the second floor rooms, and a lounge/viewing room for the other on the second floor (matthey12hyrdro)
    My underground/basement is actually the equivalent of nuclear testing grounds in minecraft, I put all my redstone stuff down there, as well as a cactus farm. And the spiderweb challenge, which has caused a few people to hate me....
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  11. :D :D :D