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Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by MHeller2017, Oct 2, 2014.

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  1. (1) 2014 Bday cake
    (2) Iday fireworks
    (1)Freedom blade
    (2)Taste the freedom Steaks
    (3) labor bench 2014

    Starting bid:30k
    Minimum increments:500r
    end time: 48hours after last valid bid
    Mailed to you free!!!:D Happy Bidding! play fair!!!
  2. 40,000r
  3. Invalid :p
  4. I'm sure he knows, it was just a "ninja'd" and so you probably don't need to call him out on it :)

  5. I'll toss my hat into the ring, gonna be hard though, still missing both my arms and my leg (see sig if you don't get it).
  6. BUMP! wkramer in the lead with 50k! still cheap for what it is!
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  7. Bump still cheap guys lets get a war going here. worth over 70k!
  8. What year are the Iday fireworks?
  9. Independent day fireworks form 2014.
  10. before bed BUMP
  11. Your bid is invalid. Just wanted to make sure you knew.
  12. I won this, correct?
  13. Yes, pay and i will mail you your stuff after i get home from church. If you do not get your shipment in 24 hours you will get half off. but time does not start till you pay. I am busy so will get it to you ASAP.
  14. Ok I just paid. It would be easier to just setup an access chest on your res rather than mailing all those objects.
  15. i mailed it as soon as u payed. sorry about that, i didn't know you wanted a chest set up.
  16. it's all good, I forgot that multiple things could be mailed in a single mail. :D
  17. Lol did you get the goods?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.