9/11 Memorial Site

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  1. Aside from a little landscaping, the 9/11 Memorial site is completed.

    You can find it on SMP1 - 911.

    Those that have known me for these last 4 months - call me the Free Wool guy... well I moved the Free Wool to 911 to both encourage people to come see and as always provide sheep for shearing.

    Donations for the Memorial are 100% not needed anymore... thx to all who helped.

    The free wool can always be had and shears are available in cheap, expensive, and ridiculous flavors. Donations for this help me be lazy.

    I welcome all suggestions on the Memorial - things to add, consider, etc...

    Let's Roll.

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  2. Would you care to add some photo's? Not that i don't plan to visit myself, but I like seeing screenshots by the creator so I can see the way they designed it and intended it to look. :)
  3. Tried to take some - dont turn out well... It speaks for itself though :)

    A very good top down view on live map.... NW of Spawn... NW of Liz's.
  4. here ya go.

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  5. You sir deserve a cake for your outstanding abilities to not only build an epic structure, but to make it a memorial in memorization of those who lost their lives that day.

    Your awesome <3