9/11 at 911

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  1. Aside from any other player creating memorials... I too have one in the works at res 911.

    Please support the other players as well.

    What am I asking for... nada - this post is just informational. I always accept donations for the Free Wool.

    I will be creating a mostly original building, as I do best.

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  2. Post of the year! :D
  3. Well, true...

    Other reasons, most of them taking a breath and not getting mad at underage children, prevented the original posting. :)

    You hush PT - go work on something cool.
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  4. I wanna see the project!!!!

    Keep updating this thread with pics at least :D
  5. Mystul i decided that your res would be fit to Hold the memorial and donated all the money i got as donations to you and as i finish selling supplies i will be funneling more money to you
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  6. Completly your call BB! The more people remembering the better...

    I will say this - this res will NOT be 'raged on'. I've gone through my self-induced 10 day 'rage quit'. I won't be leaving again... I might however fill something out again (winks to KribJong).

    Biscuit, I'd like to publicly thank you for the above post - you were more adult about this than I felt in the last 30 mins.

    9/11 means quite a bit to me and when I saw the oppuntunity when Doom was stalled with his res - i bugged him for a good 10 days. Thanx Doom.
  7. Moving along... not a picture taker... but the idea is forming.
  8. I beleive I have the final 'concept' for the 911 site down.

    I may need to move the temp building a slight bit to create an effect I want - but regardless...

    I would ask for some help building.... I don't give build permissions to anyone really - but for this I will make an exception. If I've done work with you before then you pass my test... Let me know if you can help.
  9. Still need anything like white wool?
  10. I got the wool covered.... just need some building help really...

    Panes are a pain.
  11. Aw yeah im tied up on building with my 5x mob grinder, i can see if i have any panes tho
  12. 5x? 5 spawners?
  13. Nah - I got those too Leo :)

    Might need some touches after a bit... 2nd building - I'll have to get glowstone - but the nether and I are friends now.
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  14. Top Down view is 95% done (need to decide on the grass areas)

    Take a peek on live map.... NW of Spawn - continue past Dark_Liz's tower.
  15. "Because you see in Empire Minecraft, the server trolls you."