8comimi's 1001st (cause I missed the 1000th) day! AMA

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Would you rather...

Have a hamster as a mother... 5 vote(s) 19.2%
Have father who smelled of Elderberries... 21 vote(s) 80.8%
  1. Hello and welcome to my 1001st day thread! There will sadly not be an event, but just to keep people interested...
    Post a comment down bellow asking me anything along with a number from 1-100!
    I'll try to answer everyone's questions!
    The person who guessed the number closest to the one that I have chosen will receive 10,000 rupees!

    The winner will be announced on... (let's see today's Friday, sooo...) Tuesday! So that gives you 4 days to reply with a question and a number. Also it is not required to ask me a question. Thank you, and let the guessing begin!
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  2. What if your favorite thing about EMC?
    And 42 please, thank you :)
  3. The most favorite thing that I like about EMC is it's Community! It's very friendly and absolutely positively one of best that I have ever been apart of! :D
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  4. 27

    Hamburger or Burrito?
  5. Would you rather have a snail for a mother or have a father who smelled of everything foul in the world mixed in one?

    36 please!
  6. 22 please :)
    What;s your favorite promo item?
  7. 31 please
    Where was the price of diamonds when you entered emc?
  8. In reply to Turtle0824: Hamburger

    In reply to cocojar: The father, because the smell doesn't matter as long as you still love him! (And deodorant)

    In reply to BabyCreeperRule: Ore buster all the way!

    In reply to tuqueque: 30 rupees (I played on smp3 in the days of 5 people being on at one time)
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  9. 11
    What is your favorite food?

    Grats on 1001 days!
  10. 38
    What is your best build you have ever made in minecraft?
  11. In reply to PineappleGem: My favorite food is Steak! :D (And thank you)

    In reply to L3A8: My best build was a very detailed castle! (but the server it was on is being reset :()
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  12. Last day to comment. Tomorrow I will announce the winner!
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  13. STEAK - I just had steak. It was not that great. :rolleyes:
  14. 20!
    Will you marry me?!?!?!
  15. 44 What is the best moment of your life on emc
  16. In reply to colepuncher: Yes

    In reply to nfell2009: Just maybe!

    In reply to cademan2002: MORE COWBELL!

    In reply to OLDMANWILLIKERS3: Starting TTMOF with Qwerty189
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  17. Congratz, don't have a question and don't need any more rupees, but check your rupees!
  18. Well thank you BevK56!
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