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Did you visit 8700?

Yes 15 vote(s) 46.9%
No 4 vote(s) 12.5%
Not Yet 13 vote(s) 40.6%
  1. Hello. Big announcement. HUGE! You could never guess. What you have all been waiting for..

    Mike and I are opening a store. SMP4 lot 8700. Come by and check us out. Yes! That is right. We have abandoned the cult and are joining in the economic rat race. (or we took a bunch of gullible, naive cult folks for everything they had to line our own pockets. /shrug - kidding)

    About 8700:
    We are currently still stocking and under construction. We will be fully stocked and built by the end of the week. Our doors are open to all customers. No one will be denied!! We will be open 24/7 and our goal is to be fully stocked at all times. (Fully stocked after the end of this week) Feel free to come check us out. As of RIGHT THIS MINUTE we are holding a door-buster drawing.

    Our first 50 customers will be entered into a drawing to win one beacon. You can buy anything in the store (from either owner) to be entered. Only one entry per customer. We will check the rupee log time stamps then enter the first 50 names into the drawing that will be drawn after all 50 names are entered.

    Every Sunday we will be starting a new weekly deal. We will sell a couple of items at the same price we buy for. This will change every Sunday between noon and 5pm central standard time. We will not tell anyone when it will change or what will be for sale. You will have to be there to find out. The items we put up for sale will be put into special chests in their perspective shop sections. The items are first come first serve - and will be limited depending on the items. If we do diamonds there might only be 3 to 5. If we do something more accessible we might do a full chest. After the sale items are gone the sale is over! No exceptions. We will not hold or reserve for anyone.

    We will be willing to fill larger orders for people on request at our regular price. Just let one of us know.

    TL: DR - Don't be a bum .. read it or loose out on amazing information!

    1. dangerousty
    2. Pab10S
    3. Beauy152
    4. Frosty_Penguin
    5. Magna_corvus
    6. Starfall937
    7. Darthin
    8. YoyomanThaBoss
    9. MVPworldseries
    10. jrlizard
    11. Dark_Matheus
    12. Lethal18
    13. H3021301
    14. Fellyboy
    15. AmusedStew
    16. xI_LIKE_A_PIGx
    17. callummiskelly
    18. hashhog3000
    19. wjwin
    20. Gabrielrocks69
    21. WeirdManaico
    22. cddm95ace
    23. nick535
    24. Popboy750
    25. moyaboya
    26. SparerToaster
    27. iire4per
    28. superg64
    29. redwing2000
    30. minepro247
    31. Colrun99
    32. Fjunrinec5432
    33. noah_ritter
    34. thedambuster
    35. tylerzrocks
    36. wolves
    37. jay2a
    39. Golden_Guppy
    40. Apocryphan
    41. pureer11
    42. purplepuff11
    43. Devil_Meet
    44. LadBlo
    45. laurajore
    46. pandabear9183
    47. itsmematheus
    48. elmotheboss
    49. Tildi1
    50. Amazingswordfish

    Winner! Frosty_Penguin
  2. why are we still stocked, come empty our chests! :D
  3. 27 please
  4. To enter you have to buy something in the store. Customers will be entered in the order they buy something from the store.
  5. Sorry I did not read the instructions
  6. I bought some redstone :p
  7. ty for the purchase :D
  8. 36 more slots to go for the drawing. Will keep updating names as people show up! Will use random.org to pick a winner as soon as all 50 slots are full!
  9. bought some spawn eggs :D
  10. Lemme go buy something! =P

    EIDT :
    Bought 1 gunpowder piece, and 12 iron ingots! =D
  11. okey doke! Thanks for the business! :)

    Mike is not home for a while - will update the lists when he is. Since some of the names come from cold's list.
  12. What do you mean "Abandoned the cult"?
  13. Just bought 5 stacks of redstone :D Just what I needed for my smp2 res.
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  14. You're doing it right! :p
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  15. Awesome shop
  16. Its a long strange story.
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  17. The mall looks very nice, I wish you luck in your business endeavors! :)
  18. Can you PM it to me?
  19. I also want to here the story.
  20. I knew you'd come back.