857 - SMP1, Town Hall Thingy

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  1. Hi,

    Me (wipple4) and Mikecspike have built a town hall at res 857 on SMP1. We need your help to help us find a use for it! We need a name, ideas, and donations to keep us going! Theese are the things of what we need and how much we will give you for doing it!

    A Name - Up to 1000r; Just post the name in a post!
    Ideas For Exhibits - Up to 10r; Just post the idea in a post and we will give you rupees if its good!
    Potions - Up to 100r; just tell us in a post what potion, and what it does!
    Stuff To Help Us Build A Party! - Up to 1000r; just tell us what in a post!

    Donations of these items are well appreciated!

    Now there were the things we need from you and if it is a item or something like that i will put up a sign that you sell at in a door where you can go through!

    We have a GIANT shop aswell but at the moment it is empty ^-_-^ and we need signs and stock!
    We will charge for this service but the more signs you purchase the less it will cost!

    1 Sign: 50r
    2 Signs: 95r
    3 Signs: 140r
    4 Signs: 185r
    5 Signs: 210r
    10 Signs: 405r
    15 Signs: 600r
    50 Signs: 20200r
    100 Signs: 40100r
    The whole shop: 300000r

    Please note: The signs may not always be availible!

    Post the number of signs you want and what your gonna sell and i will put a room where you buy dirt for the amount that you owe and when we are both online i will give you perms to plonk down the signs! I will know when youve paid because the dirt will be gone!